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By Budak Bunga

We make these flowers to bring joy to your special place! Place it at your dining table, office, bedroom, or anywhere else that will put a smile on faces.

Comes in 2 sizes.


Photos for illustration only. Arrangements may come in a range of flowers and vases depending on availability. Head over to our IG, @kamibudakbunga for more references.

Is this a gift for someone? Don't forget to add a special Budak Bunga card to your order

Custom Palettes

Let us know if you have specific requests and we will see what we can do about it. But for quicker feedback on your requests, we suggest contacting us through Instagram DMs @kamibudakbunga

However, do take note that we only work with botanical species that are in-season and those that meet our aesthetic and care considerations. (e.g. No Baby's Breath, Roses, Tulips)

Delivery Options

Our arrangements are available for self pick-up and delivery at specific dates and times.

If you require your order to be delivered at a specific day and time, please enquire before placing your order. Do so through email (amiera[at], or for quicker response, through Instagram DMs (@kamibudakbunga).

Extra charges may apply

Care Instructions

We suggest changing the water after 3-4 days. Try to keep your flowers away from direct sunlight.

We try to select flowers that age and dry gracefully. To dry them, throw away the water in the vase and pat dry the stems to avoid mould. Then, let nature takes it course.

But, if they don't dry nicely and look wilted or are shedding, just remove them and enjoy the rest of the arrangement.

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